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Section 4. Ensuring quality provision

Quality improvement includes:

  • self-assessment reports that are required for all publicly-funded learning providers and should be active and ongoing; they are essential to maintaining and improving quality
  • a coherent programme for observation of teaching and learning, with appropriate professional development opportunities available
  • ensuring that quality improvement includes the views of all learners through established feedback mechanisms, such as satisfaction surveys.

‘A strategic focus on the quality assurance of provision … (leads) … directly to quality improvement.’(Stubbing Court Training Ltd)

Integrating a continuous process of quality improvement is vital.

Download the following sections from the Health Check to plan what you need to do

D: Quality Improvement Framework health check
Key resources to support quality improvement framework matrix

E: Management Information Systems health check
Key resources to support MIS matrix

Making the most of the LLN Health Check 

The Raising Standards Guides are interactive resources. Each of the 13 guides in the series deals with a different context of learning. The guides are intended to help practitioners and managers improve the quality of teaching and managing LLN provision.
Making the most of Raising Standards Guides

The Support for Success Programme resources were developed as part of the Support for Success programme to help providers in the learning and skills sector to improve the quality of their provision.
Making the most of Support for Success Programme resources