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Section 3. Delivering LLN as part of a whole organisation approach

It is important to ensure that teachers:

  • are appropriately qualified
  • take account of issues of equality and diversity
  • use high quality materials and resources,

and learners:

  • receive the right level and quality of support and teaching
  • have regular, ongoing assessment and feedback
  • are given the opportunity to study for a nationally recognised qualification, leading to provision that meets their needs and aspirations.

Learning aims success rates have increased by 34% (18-24yrs) and by 25% (25+yrs) compared with the same period last year. Job outcome rate increased from 7.6% to 14.3% compared with the same period last year… centres took on board embedding Skills for Life and this was reflected in the recent Ofsted inspection when good practice was observed in embedding literacy and numeracy.

(Extract from Skills for Life Support Programme final report produced by Avanta Enterprise Group 2010 when they focused on embedding LLN into mainstream programmes.)

Download the following sections from the Health Check to plan what you need to do.

H: Curriculum Design and Delivery health check
Key resources to support curriculum design and delivery matrix

I: Resources and Facilities health check
Key resources to support resources and facilities matrix

Making the most of the LLN Health Check 

Other Starter Kits contain guidance and materials to support the delivery of LLN:

Numeracy Starter Kit
Signposts to the enormous range of resources to support all aspects of numeracy development and delivery.

Employability Starter Kit
Information on developing employability provision in response to learners seeking work, those at risk of redundancy and those who are in work but need the skills to sustain their employment and make progress.

ESOL Starter Kit
Information on the new approach to ESOL set within the context of broader aspects of ESOL provision.

Flexible Models Starter Kit
Information on models and resources to support flexible, responsive LLN learning, including the development of blended learning approaches.

Embedding LLN Starter Kit
Guidance on embedding literacy, language and numeracy.

Look at the Good Practice Series leaflet that Stubbing Court Training developed through the Skills for Life Support Programme to identify and promote good practice in teaching and learning.