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Section 2. Engaging everyone in Language, Literacy and numeracy

A shared understanding

It is crucial to develop a shared understanding of your whole organisation approach with staff at all levels across your organisation.

Involving the right people, and a wide range of roles will:

  • increase buy-in to your whole organisation approach
  • encourage people to take ownership of it
  • give managers the benefit of different perspectives across the organisation.

We want our whole organisation approach to start from the premise that all our learners have LLN needs, not just some of them.’

(Deputy Principal, Hackney Community College, quoted in Improving Quality through a WOA to Skills for Life.)

Download the following section from the Health Check to plan what you need to do.

F: Information, advice and guidance, marketing and learner recruitment health check
Key resources to support IAG, marketing and learner recruitment matrix

Making the most of the LLN Health Check

Look at the Assessment Starter Kit for further support and resources on developing and/or reviewing approaches and process for assessment. The kit provides answers to questions such as:

  • What is meant by assessment and why is it important?
  • What guidance/resources are available to support effective practice?
  • What resources are available to support and develop staff involved in the different stages of assessment?

The CPD Starter Kit has information and training materials to support professional development around planning, managing and monitoring teaching and learning in English and maths.