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Section 1. LLN within your organisation's policies and strategies

A whole organisation approach needs to:

  • be strategically planned
  • provide opportunities for the sharing of effective practice
  • enable collaboration for quality improvement
  • provide opportunities for support and development.

Having a formal strategy:

  • makes clear statements to everyone in the organisation about the status, aims and objectives of the LLN agenda
  • sets out a clear direction and focus for quality improvement
  • ensures that resulting developments remain a key priority in all future planning.

Download the following sections from the Health Check to plan what you need to do.

A: organisational strategy health check
Key resources to support organisational strategy matrix

B: operational plans health check
Key resources to support operational plans matrix

C: policies and procedures health check
Key resources to support policies and procedures matrix

Making the most of the LLN Health Check

A Toolkit contextualised for Work-based Learning Providers and Training Providers gives practical suggestions for planning and implementing an LLN strategy. It provides opportunities for organisations to plan and implement work to adopt a whole organisation approach.

Making the most of a toolkit for Work-based Learning Providers and Training Providers will help you decide how to use this resource.

As part of the 2009-10 Skills for Life Support Programme a wide range of providers developed WOA strategy documents:

Making the most of Provider WOA Strategy Documents will help you find the ones most relevant to your organisation.