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Whole Organisation Approach to literacy, language and numeracy (LLN) Framework

LLN provision central to the whole organisation

The whole organisation approach (WOA) to literacy, language and numeracy (LLN) is relevant to a WOA for maths and English and is:

where literacy, language and numeracy provision is central to the whole organisation at all levels, ranging from strategic leadership and management to delivery practice. This includes embedding literacy, language and numeracy in teaching and learning programmes across a range of learning aims and goals and providing all learners with opportunities to progress and achieve qualifications – approaches that will embed literacy, language and numeracy at all levels

Skills for Life Strategy Unit, November 2004

A whole organisation approach to English, maths and ESOL:

  • puts learners’ entitlement at the heart of an organisation’s planning and delivery
  • means a commitment at all levels of the institution.

The range of activities that need to be included in developing this approach requires careful planning, strategic leadership and targeted staff development.

The approach is likely to have a significant positive impact on the levels of attainment and progression opportunities for individual learners and a consistent, seamless approach to LLN developments across all elements of an organisation.

Southampton City College

The aim of this framework is to support those who are at an early stage of developing a whole organisation approach to LLN and help answer questions such as:

Why develop the approach?
How do you get started?

The LLN Health Check will help you develop your action plan and prioritise areas for development. 

Providers can consider the key areas of developing a WOA in any order. The WOA Framework links you to useful resources and guidance which should help those new to developing a WOA to take the steps needed to get started. You can also click directly on any of the Starter Kits to access the resources linked to that theme.

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The publication Improving quality through a whole organisation approach to Skills for Life provides information and examples of how a range of providers have benefited from developing a WOA to LLN.