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Welcome to the Excellence Gateway’s Starter Kits

The Education and Training Foundation is developing the Excellence Gateway into a valuable resource for the education and training sector. As the first part of this mission to improve the gateway as a major source of support for the sector, we have developed the concept of ‘Starter Kits’. These Kits focus on a particular theme or issue of major importance to sector providers. These Kits will include new and updated material, and the best content curated from the Excellence Gateway.

Starter Kits

Themed starter kits have been developed to support providers new to literacy, language and numeracy (LLN) to access guidance and resources to develop their provision. These kits will also be useful to existing providers who want to consolidate and update their knowledge and continue to develop their LLN practice.The starter kits reflect national strategy and policy drivers, and draw on a wide range of resources. Examples include self-assessment tools, CPD modules, training the trainer resources, case studies, provider-developed products and teaching and learning resources.Each starter kit provides links to relevant information and resources. ‘Making the most of…’ guidance helps providers make best use of specific resources. The starter kits also provide an opportunity to identify and prioritise development actions.The Whole Organisation Approach (WOA) framework offers guidance to providers and identifies the relevant starter kits to support different aspects of a whole organisation approach. You can work through the WOA framework, begin with any section of it, or go straight to the individual starter kits.

For launch three Starter Kits have been developed:

  1. CPD Starter Kit
  2. Functional Skills Starter Kit
  3. Numeracy Starter Kit