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Users who have difficulty concentrating

Establishing that a learner has difficulty in concentrating is not difficult. Suggesting strategies to help depends on the context that produces the difficulty. In this section we explore some of the possible issues and contexts that may cause difficulty with links to some advice. This resource is not complete, there is a lot of work to do and we will add to it as our knowledge expands. If you feel you have advice or contacts who might be interested in contributing to this process, or have experience of using technology to help, please let us know at

The phrase “users who have difficulties concentrating” can cover a variety of conditions such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and specific learning difficulties. Since the range of conditions is so wide, the range of appropriate and reasonable adjustments is also very wide.  Some learner needs will be accommodated with very few adjustments, other learners will need considerably more.

Among the most important outcomes of the following advice and guidance is the recognition that:

  • There is no single solution for accessibility.
  • The optimum "reasonable adjustment" may depend on the nature of the learner, the nature of the impairment, the nature of the resource, the learning objectives and the context of use.
  • The most time-consuming and expensive adjustments are not always the most effective.
  • Staff supporting learners often have a range of alternative adjustments they can make in discussion with the learner.

This guidance has been divided into several sections (as listed below), in each case moving from general points to more specific examples.