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Starter kit for creating accessible learning materials

Welcome to the starter kit for creating accessible learning materials. Created by JISC TechDis, which was the leading UK educational advisory service in accessibility and inclusion and unfortunately no longer exists.  The kit is designed to enable teachers and trainers to create effective, engaging and accessible learning materials for their learners. Grouped into eight categories, this starter kit of guidance and resources merges pedagogical and technical advice where previously these have been scattered over several different channels.

The starter kit comprises the following eight categories. Click on a category below, or in the centre menu, to access the guidance resources for that category:

  1. Users who have difficulty seeing things
  2. Users who have difficulty hearing things
  3. Users who have difficulties understanding things
  4. Users who have difficulty concentrating
  5. Users who have difficulties handling and manipulating things
  6. Users who have difficulties communicating with others
  7. Users who have difficulty accessing text
  8. Users who are dyslexic

Kevin Carey, Director of HumanITy, advised on the creation of the resources. He is uniquely placed to provide guidance because of his long involvement in education, his expertise in accessibility and his standing as a blind author and speaker.

There is no single solution for accessibility, and often the most time-consuming and expensive adjustments are not always the most effective. These accessibility guidelines available on Excellence Gateway will help teachers to adapt and personalise delivery to all learners.

Kevin Carey, Director of HumanITy, and a learner and tutor from Lewisham College