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Section 6: Resources for assessment, teaching and learning

In this section you will find resources to support initial and diagnostic assessment and teaching and learning resources.

On this page, you'll find quick links through to recommended online resources to support initial and diagnostic assessment and teaching and learning resources.

You can also find further guidance and signposts to relevant online resources for the following areas:

Quick links to key online resources

A Framework for Understanding Dyslexia

The Framework for Understanding Dyslexia (available as an archived resource on the EG Treasury website) contains an overview of specialist approaches that can be used to identify and support dyslexic learners. These may inform the development of an ILP.

Embedded learning materials

The Embedded learning materials are designed for vocational teachers, as well as English and maths specialists, working in post-16 education or training. Exemplars of teaching strategies and approaches to support English, maths, ESOL and dyslexia in a range of settings.

Supporting dyslexic learners in different contexts

These Supporting dyslexic learners in different contexts materials cover teaching and learning in four strands. They use video, audio and interactive activities like quizzes, free text and many more to help develop effective practice in teaching learners with dyslexia. The site is well worth visiting – you'll need to log in using your Excellence Gateway username and password to be able to access these resources. The four strands covered are:

  • Strand 1: FE/ACL
  • Strand 2: Workplace settings
  • Strand 3: Offender settings
  • Strand 4: Embedded learning

Dyslexia support for embedded learning

The Dyslexia support pack for embedded learning has six self-contained sections which offer detailed advice and suggestions for teachers under two headings:

  • ‘Be aware that the dyslexic learner . . .’ describes how the dyslexic person may be challenged by the skills requirements in different situations
  • ‘Try this!’ gives suggestions for strategies and approaches that the support person can try out with the dyslexic person and see which ones help.

Video snapshots

The video snapshots online resource (available as an archived resource on the EG Treasury website) consists of a series of videos of teachers working with learners in a range of settings. They form part of a CPD programme called Supporting Dyslexic Learners in Different Contexts. The programme is intended to enable non-specialist teachers and others who support dyslexic adult learners to gain a general awareness of dyslexia, alongside practical advice and strategies to use in their teaching or supporting role.

The video snapshots chosen illustrate and exemplify some suggested approaches and strategies to use within group teaching and one-to-one support situations. They can be used alone, but are most effective if used alongside the appropriate distance learning module. The snapshot themes are:

  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Numeracy
  • Inclusive learning
  • Embedded learning
  • Writing.