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Section 6. Producing training policies and plans

What should the priorities be for your organisational training plan?

How do you support individuals with their personal professional development plans?

What this section is about

The resources in this section can help you to make PDP central to the workforce development process in your organisation. They will support you to think through the ways in which training and development can be incorporated into each step of the employee journey from induction onwards.

How to use it

This section contains three types of resources:

  • Guidance notes
  • Examples of how other organisations have approached planning and policy development
  • Templates you can use yourself when summarising individual and organisational training plans

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Training the workforce - developing policy and plans which incorporate English and maths
Examine the employee journey and link each stage to the development of workforce skills in English and maths.

Sample policies and plans
Provider examples of policy, plans and practical strategies to workforce development. Read Making the most of the provider samples to give you an overview of these.

Templates for policies and plans
Samples for you to adapt and use.