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Section 5. Supporting curriculum understanding and its development

Access for All

To understand how Access for All can support teaching and learning when implementing a whole organisation approach to the literacy, language and numeracy of people with learning difficulties.

Assessing learners' needs

The course aims to familiarise participants with the approaches to and methods of initial and diagnostic assessment.

Building speaking and listening skills

This module aims to raise awareness of the importance of ‘teaching’ speaking and listening skills. To provide methods techniques and resources to actively develop these skills in a wide range of contexts.

RARPA Training

This RARPA training helps you become familiar with the RARPA model and how it can be used effectively to support learners with learning difficulties to achieve and progress.

Pre-Entry Curriculum Framework Training

Pre-entry Curriculum Framework Training will help you to understand how person-centred planning and approaches should underpin the learning experience, including literacy, language and numeracy, of people with learning difficulties and how the use of curricula can support the development of skills in a person-centred context.

Supporting dyslexic learners in different contexts

Supporting dyslexic learners in different context