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Section 3. Teaching and learning - training for embedding English and maths (literacy, language and numeracy)

This section has programmes for teachers: LLN specialists and the teachers of other subjects. The description will help you select the modules you want to use. 

Embedding literacy, language and numeracy: What? Why? How? (1c)

To build an understanding of what embedding literacy, language and numeracy means and what the implications are for non literacy, language or numeracy specialists and their job roles.

Working together to embed literacy, language and numeracy (3)

To support collaborative working in the design and delivery of embedded teaching and learning sessions.

Assessing learner needs/strengths and target setting (4a) Part 1, Module 4a Part 2, Module 4a Part 3, Module 4a Part 4

To raise awareness of the role of assessment and target setting when embedding LLN and to promote effective collaboration between vocational and LLN practitioners for LLN assessment and target setting.

Identifying underpinning literacy, language and numeracy and developing schemes of work and assessment plans (4b)

To enable participants to identify the specific LLN skills needed by their learners, so that they can embed the teaching of those skills into their schemes of work and assessment plans.

Approaches to supporting literacy, language and numeracy needs and embedded session planning (4c)

To enable vocational teachers to support the development of the language, literacy and numeracy skills needed by learners to achieve in vocational learning and to support the planning of sessions which are inclusive for learners with LLN needs.

Promoting active learning in embedded literacy, language and numeracy (5a)

To support practitioners to extend their range of active and group teaching techniques to support their learners’ literacy, language and numeracy skills development.

Using resources effectively to embed literacy, numeracy and language (5b)

To support participants to familiarise themselves with how to access and use a range of resources so that they can plan effective embedded LLN activities that are engaging and meaningful.

Helping learners progress with their maths (8)

To explore teaching and learning strategies which maximise learner achievement, consider skills critical to making progress and develop interactive and collaborative teaching and learning approaches.

On line core curriculum training (10)

Designed for teachers familiar with the curriculum but unfamiliar with the updated and online version.