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Section 3. National Policy and Context

What are the key messages for workforce development in your organisation?

What this section is about

This section provides you with details of national policies and provider responsibilities on the training of specialist English (literacy and language) and maths (numeracy) teachers and the wider workforce, including vocational teachers and those in support roles. It provides direct links to national guidance and you can download presentations and interactive tasks to support awareness raising in your organisation. It is intended for use by all those involved in discussions with staff on the nature of their role in relation to literacy, numeracy and language.

How to use this section

Use the topic descriptions to locate information and explore the suggested resources. Guidance on how you might use the awareness raising activities is provided in this section.

National policy and contexts – a summary of relevant policies, strategies, initiatives and research
This section contains presentations, trainer notes and guidance for updating colleagues on the national context for workforce development in English (literacy and language) and maths (numeracy).

Policy and contexts awareness raising activity
Activities to raise awareness with a range of staff teams.

Literacy, ESOL and numeracy teacher training qualifications
Details of the routes available to become qualified as a teacher, along with information about sources of financial support towards course costs.