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Section 2. Planning, managing and monitoring teaching and learning in English and maths (literacy, language and numeracy)

Are you involved in managing and/or leading your organisation’s LLN development?

Use the brief description to help you select the modules you want to use.

Embedding literacy, language and numeracy: policy and context (1a)

To explore key policies and strategies relating to embedding literacy, language and numeracy across all areas of learning. It will enable participants to identify the organisational benefits and implications of integrating literacy, language and numeracy into all aspects of leadership and management.

What is Skills for Life? What is meant by embedding? (1b)

To secure for participants an understanding of LLN and the embedding approach, and the role individuals can play in supporting Skills for Life in their organisation. It is aimed at non-teachers.

Embedding literacy, language and numeracy in the curriculum (2a)

This module supports leaders and managers with planning a whole organisation approach to embedding literacy, language and numeracy.

Literacy, language and numeracy in observation of teaching and learning (2b)

The module explores the development of organisational systems and processes for observation of teaching and learning which addresses inclusive learning approaches and embedding literacy, language and numeracy.