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Section 1. Getting started

Finding your way about

The CPD overview will help you to locate the training materials which best match your organisational requirements in developing literacy, language and numeracy. Training resources will support the following stages of development:


Getting started/getting buy-in


Planning embedded teaching and learning


Delivering effective embedded teaching and learning


Monitoring and evaluating teaching and learning


LLN in context e.g. in the workplace and as part of employability

The CPD catalogue provides details of 16 modules with a brief description of the aims and content of each, along with the suggested target audience and the length of the session.

Thinking about Training the Trainers provides you with a sample of a ‘training the trainers’ approach which can be adapted for other CPD modules.

All teaching staff are required to record their CPD each year and organisations need to report this activity to the Institute for Learning. A key area of CPD is the teacher reflection on the training undertaken and its impact on teaching and learning practice. For information on how to support staff reflection on CPD activity and its links with practice go to the IfL website