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Sample job descriptions with references to LLN/English and maths

There are a variety of jobs/roles within the lifelong learning sector. Look at the descriptions below and at vacancies currently advertised within the sector to get a better understanding of the qualification requirements for the different roles.

Teaching, training and tutoring

Teachers pass on skills and knowledge to students and trainees by teaching and assessing them, so need to have a good knowledge of the subject they want to teach and also need to like working with people and helping them. To find out more see I want to be a teacher in FE.

Teaching literacy, numeracy or ESOL

These subjects have also been known as 'skills for life' or 'basic skills'. There are additional requirements for those who decide to teach in any of these areas. For more information see Teaching literacy, numeracy or ESOL.

Learning support

Learning support staff work with teachers in helping the learners with their language, literacy or numeracy. They may also provide support for those with specific learning needs or those with a disability. Please refer to the Working in Learning Support (PDF document, 127KB) information sheet for more detail.

Assessing/Quality assuring

Assessors support and assess people working towards vocational qualifications, ensuring that evidence submitted meets the national occupational standards required to achieve a vocational qualification. The quality assurance role (formerly known as ‘verification’) includes supporting and working with assessors to develop assessment procedures and facilitate good practice. You can find further detail in the Assessor and Quality Assurance qualifications guidance document (PDF document, 652KB).

Current vacancies

Good places to get an idea of current vacancies within the sector are: