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Professional Development Planning provider kit

The Further Education Teachers' Continuing Professional Development and Registration (England) Regulations (2007) will be revoked with effect from September 2012. However, the Further Education Teachers’ Qualifications (England) Regulations (2007) will be retained for the 2012/13 academic year. For more information read the Consultation on revocation of the further education workforce regulations.

As a consequence of these recent changes, this starter kit and Professional Development Planning resources are currently being reviewed and updated.

About this kit

Here is a range of resources, developed through the Workforce Development element of the Skills for Life Support Programme, to help you plan professional development for your staff in literacy (English), language (ESOL) and numeracy (maths) collectively referred to as LLN. To help you use the resources effectively read Making the most of the PDP provider kit.

The resources will be useful for all providers running Functional Skills. maths and English or other literacy, ESOL and numeracy provision. They are intended primarily for use by those staff responsible for the professional development planning of the staff in their organisations especially those new to this role. The kit works as a series of linked steps to help guide the organisation in planning and implementing professional development. It has four types of resources: information and links to websites, guidance documents, practical activities and samples of work done by providers.

Use the sections below to find the most useful resources for you. Go straight to the resources or use the self-check to identify your starting point.

Making the case

  • The benefits of a trained, qualified workforce  for literacy, language and numeracy

Where are you now?

  • Organisational self-check

National policy and context

  • What are the key messages for workforce development in your organisation?

Delivery models and staff roles

  • What are the implications for staff roles and responsibilities of the method of delivery you use for English/literacy/ESOL and maths/numeracy?

Auditing staff qualifications and experience

  • How do you conduct a staff qualifications audit to support planning?

Producing training policies and plans

  • What should the priorities be for your organisational training plan? How do you support individuals with their personal professional development plans?