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Section 7. Developing staff skills

Staff training and development

This section looks at staff training and development at all levels including developing personal numeracy skills for all staff, and supporting numeracy within vocational learning as well as qualifications and continuing professional development for numeracy specialists.

The Professional Development Planning Kit can help you to audit your staff’s qualifications and draw up a training plan for numeracy.

Developing personal numeracy skills for all staff

Move On with Your Learners – Numeracy
An approach and materials to help develop personal numeracy skills and consider how to use them to support learners.

Maths Methods Module
Short CPD modules on approaches to the four rules.

East Durham College
This describes the wide range of options that the college developed for all staff to brush up their own numeracy skills in preparation for functional mathematics.

Staff qualifications

Initial Teacher Training 
For information and guidance about qualifications to teach numeracy.

Making it Work
A practical guide to effective delivery of Skills for Life in workplace learning , including information on staff development and the need for qualified numeracy teachers. 

Staff development

Thinking through Mathematics
An online CPD course using the approaches and resources in Thinking through Mathematics.

NCETM FE Magazine
The NCETM FE magazine previously called 'Mathematical Moments', provides a wealth of suggestions on  teaching numeracy topics based on the 'Thinking through mathematics' approach.

Mathematics Self Evaluation tool
Consider your mathematical content knowledge and mathematics-specific pedagogy.

The CPD Starter Kit has information on how to make the most of all the CPD modules developed by the Skills for Life Support Programme. Many of these can be adapted to have a numeracy focus. There is also a specific numeracy module: ‘Helping learners progress with their maths'.

For information and some useful links on qualifying to teach numeracy have a look at Teaching literacy, numeracy or ESOL in FE on the Excellence Gateway. 

Joining NCETM online communities gives opportunities to share best practice with other numeracy teachers.

Making the most of numeracy resources to support staff developmentgives examples of resources from providers which support numeracy staff development.