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Section 6b. Preparation for Functional Mathematics

Functional Mathematics

Many providers are now working to introduce Functional Mathematics. A decision has yet to be made about the future of the adult numeracy qualifications post-2012.

Functional Skills Support Programme
For more information and details of the support available to providers.

Guidance on choice of awarding body for functional skills
This table gives a brief guide to the awarding bodies currently offering accreditation for functional skills.

Teaching and learning functional mathematics
This extensive guide was developed to support the pilot of functional mathematics.

The move to functional mathematics may be challenging for some learners and providers due to the nature of the assessment and the emphasis on problem solving.

How some providers are changing their delivery of numeracy in preparation

Castle College
A blended learning course to develop functional maths.

Central Sussex College
A directory of level 1 resources and guidance for vocational staff preparing for functional mathematics.

Many numeracy resources developed by providers for skills for life programmes are relevant to functional skills. In addition functional mathematics resources have been developed. Explore these by searching the Excellence Gateway repository using appropriate key words.