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Section 5. Resources and approaches for teaching numeracy

What makes effective teaching and learning in numeracy and mathematics?

See what the research evidence has to say:

Go to Section 7 for staff development activities which explore how to use these effective approaches.

It is amazing to see the change. [The student] has picked up most things really quickly. It must be because of the change in teaching practice. It is wonderful to see the pleasure when handing over a certificate to someone who has never had one before. I love it.

(Clare Froud, Numeracy Tutor, HMP Low Newton case study)

Free national resources

Thinking Through Mathematics
This resource is available as an online CPD package. This link also lists all the other resources which are available including booklets on number, fractions, measurement, time and topic-based teaching.

The National Numeracy Curriculum
The new online curriculum suggests example activities for each curriculum element.

Move On resources

Teacher Route Stop 4a
Learning chunks and learning chunk guidance using a range of teaching and learning approaches. Downloadable resources for independent access at E3, L1 and L2

Teacher Route stop 4b
Financial capability resources, contextualised numeracy courses: Move On Maths in the NHS; Move On Carefully numeracy

Learner Route
Online learner route at E3, L1 and L2

Other online resources

BBC Skillswise
Resources at E3 and L1 and tutor's section

Making the most of provider resources for teaching numeracy
Including active learning approaches and online materials.