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Section 4b. Teaching and learning materials for embedded and contextualised numeracy

Identifying numeracy within vocational learning

Learners, employers, vocational staff and numeracy teachers all need to understand and identify where numeracy ‘fits’ within vocational learning or a job role.


There's not much maths in Care.


Maybe this has contributed to many of the accidents and mistakes that have been made and we never realised.

W&P Assessment and Training worked with Care managers and assessors to identify numeracy in the work setting.

National Occupation Standards mapping
Examples of NVQs mapped for numeracy

Where’s the Skills for Life? activity
An activity for teams to work together to identify numeracy skills in context – from the Move On Train to Gain Provider Guide

Embedded literacy, language and numeracy skills
A section of the online Core Curriculum on the Excellence Gateway.

Identifying mathematical skills in the workplace
Video clips of activities to use within Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to identify the numeracy skills being used.

Embedded and contextualised resources

Making the most of the embedded learning portal helps you to get the best of downloadable Embedded Learning Materials which include numeracy within 28 contexts.

Many providers working with the Skills for Life Support Programme have developed resources to support embedded numeracy in different contexts. Making the most of provider resources for embedded and contextualised numeracyidentifies some of the resources developed for specific contexts.