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Section 3. Engaging people with maths

This section has resources and ideas for

  • Promoting learning maths as a positive opportunity
  • Identifying benefits and relevance of numeracy in the workplace, in everyday and family life
  • 'Tailored approaches' to employers and individuals
  • Engaging numeracy 'champions' and intermediaries.

The UK is one of the few advanced nations where it is still socially acceptable, fashionable even, to profess an inability to cope with [maths].

(Sir Peter Williams,  Williams Review, 2008)

Resources to support positive promotion of maths

'Maths Takes You There'
A very accessible website for intermediaries and learners. Lots of information about numeracy, ‘tips and tricks’, ‘it make you think’ and online maths ‘teasers’. Engagement materials to order.

Maths 4 Us
This joint initiative between unionlearn, NIACE and NCETM aims to encourage people to tackle numeracy, take up numeracy learning and have fun with maths.

Move On Numeracy Engagement materials
These include awareness raising quizzes – Does maths matter? Contextualised quizzes and checklists; Maths ‘Takeaways’ for different contexts showing the relevance of maths skills to everyday life and a positive challenge to ‘check your skills’.

Supporting intermediaries and numeracy champions

The 'Maths takes you there' website has an ‘intermediaries room’ full of useful information

The Move On iRoute and Recruiter briefing session include both literacy and numeracy

Family Numeracy Champion Training materials are available for the family learning sector

See Wirral Lifelong and Family Learning Service’s training programme for ‘numeracy buddies unit 1, unit 2, unit 3, unit 4.

Engaging employers and employees with numeracy

Numeracy in Train to Gain

Section 2, 'Promoting Numeracy', has information for brokers and others on the benefits of numeracy for the employer and for the individual.

Total People
An account of work with employers to develop and deliver workplace numeracy.

Sunderland City Council
Skills Pledge Maths Takeaway based on the template available from the Move On website.