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Numeracy Starter Kit

About this starter kit

The starter kit is organised into different sections. You can look at the sections in order or go straight to the ones that interest you most. There is also a questionnaire to help you ‘take stock’ so that you can decide on areas for development.

The kit focuses on numeracy as defined by the original Skills for Life strategy but recognises that many people use the terms numeracy, maths or mathematics interchangeably, depending upon audience and purpose and this is likely to increase with the continuation of functional mathematics and the move towards GCSE maths as the qualification benchmark.

Starter kit resources

You can use the numeracy stock-take to think about different aspects of numeracy within your organisation, identify your priorities and actions to take them forward or go straight to the sections below to find relevant resources. Tutors will find resources and teaching ideas in sections 4 and 5.

Section 1: Policy and background information

Section 2: Numeracy across the organisation

Section 3: Engaging people with maths

Section 4: Embedded and contextualised numeracy

Section 5: Resources and approaches for teaching numeracy

Section 6: Achievement

Section 7: Developing staff skills

How does this help me?

The starter kit will help providers address challenges including:

  • Significantly increasing the number of adults achieving at least entry level 3 skills in numeracy
  • Engaging new learners
  • Promoting and developing numeracy skills to people in different settings and contexts such as those following vocational or community courses, those developing employability skills, parents and offenders
  • Working with employers
  • Providing a sufficient number of qualified staff to teach numeracy.

The numeracy starter kit signposts providers to some of the wide range of resources to support all aspects of numeracy development and delivery.