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Materials for planning functional skills provision

Managing delivery of functional skills

The Managing delivery of functional skills (LSIS, 2008) series of booklets was prepared by the LSIS Functional Skills Support Programme for use in the centres that are piloting functional skills. They were updated in 2009 from the publication Managing delivery of functional skills, produced in 2007, and include:

  • Introduction and executive summary
  • Booklet 1: Functional skills in the bigger picture
  • Booklet 2: Existing curricula and qualifications
  • Booklet 3: Improving learning, raising achievement
  • Booklet 4: Promoting functional skills
  • Booklet 5: Functional skills in my centre
  • Booklet 6: Supporting staff
  • Booklet 7: Judging progress
  • Booklet 8: Next steps
  • Booklet 9: Sources of help

Where are you now?

The Where are you now? (LSIS, 2009) guide provides useful checklists and processes for assessing your current state of readiness for supporting functional skills delivery.

Functional skills for adults: Preparing to coordinate and manage functional skills

The first publication in the Functional skills for adults: Preparing to coordinate and manage functional skills series (LSN, 2009), Where are you now? A diagnosis of centre needs, will have helped you identify your experience of the delivery and management of Skills for Life or key skills qualifications. This second publication looks at how you can use your experience to plan for a positive transition to functional skills.

This booklet is for managers and coordinators who have been given responsibility for leading the transition to functional skills in adult settings, such as adult community learning, voluntary learning, work-based learning and the secure estate. It aims to:

  • provide advice and strategies to help you to prepare for functional skills;
  • outline approaches to delivery and assessment;
  • support you in planning staff development and continuing professional development (CPD); and
  • suggest further sources of guidance and support.

Guides to support teaching and learning of functional skills

A series of guides developed in 2008 to support pilots of functional skills contain a wealth of useful information about functional skills, with case studies and sample activities: 

The collection of starter kits, which includes this Functional Skills Starter Kit, will be of use to those planning, developing and delivering functional skills provision: 

  • Assessment 
  • CPD
  • Embedding
  • Employability ESOL
  • Flexible models of delivery
  • Numeracy
  • Professional development planning
  • Teacher training
  • Third Sector

Moving from Key Skills to Functional Skills

The Moving from Key Skills to Functional Skills: A step by step guide for independent training providers (AELP, 2012) guide offers practical help for preparing to deliver functional skills within apprenticeships:

  • Actions you need to take 
  • Advice, suggestions and tips
  • Signposts to further information and support.