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Functional skills standards

The English and mathematics functional skills standards were based on the adult literacy and numeracy curriculum developed in 2001, as well as the key skills standards for Communication and Application of Number. ICT functional skills standards were developed in part with reference to key skills ICT standards.

At the start of the functional skills pilots in 2007, a set of draft functional skills standards were developed for awarding organisations involved with developing qualifications for the pilot. These standards defined and differentiated the skills required for pilot qualifications in functional English, mathematics and ICT.

When the pilot finished in August 2010, the draft standards were withdrawn and used to develop skill standards or subject criteria and regulatory criteria. Awarding organisations use regulatory criteria when developing specifications for functional skills qualifications. In order to be accredited by Ofqual, the organisation responsible for regulating qualifications, examinations and assessments in England, the specifications must meet the criteria specified: 

Functional skills are available at all three entry levels, as well as levels 1 and 2. Contact awarding bodies for information about qualifications.