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Where are you now?

Where are you now?

The Where are you now? guide (LSIS, 2009) provides useful checklists and processes for assessing your current state of readiness for supporting functional skills delivery.

The Readiness Tool

The Readiness Tool provides a thorough and detailed approach, ideally for use by senior managers in the FE and skills sector, to assist you to assess your current provision, plan all aspects of provision, and plan high-quality provision. The Readiness Tool describes three stages of preparation:

  • Information gathering (page 3): This section gives a structure for acquiring a baseline of information about staff, programmes and learners.
  • Self-assessment of functional skills readiness (page 6 onwards): This section has a number of self-assessment charts with scoring, interpretation and links to supporting resources:
    • teaching and learning (page 7);
    • implementation planning (page 21);
    • leadership and management (page 36);
    • CPD (page 49);
    • quality assurance (page 61);
    • resources, including accommodation, facilities and technologies (page 69); and
    • collaboration (working in consortia) (page 82).
  • Summary of readiness to implement functional skills and improvement plan (page 96 onwards): This section has charts helping you to summarise findings from the self-evaluation processes conducted in Stage 2:
    • Phase 1: self-evaluation (page 96);
    • Phase 2: identify areas for improvement (page 97);
    • Phase 3: create an improvement plan (page 98); and
    • Phase 4: review outcomes of evaluation (page 99).