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Do you have a clear plan for moving forward with SMART targets and specified roles and responsibilities?

Managing Delivery of Functional Skills

The Functional Skills Support Programme publication Managing Delivery of Functional Skills (LSIS, 2008) provides a useful set of booklets aimed at those planning to deliver functional skills.

Being functional

The Being functional website includes a CPD module containing a lot of useful material to assist your planning:

  • Whole organisation approach (includes an adapted framework, action plan and training needs analysis to support the planning and delivery of functional skills).

Preparing to manage and co-ordinate functional skills

The Preparing to manage and co-ordinate functional skills booklet (LSIS, 2009) is for managers and coordinators who have been given responsibility for leading the transition to functional skills in adult settings, such as adult community learning, voluntary learning, work-based learning and the secure estate. It aims to:

  • Provide advice and strategies to help you to prepare for functional skills;
  • Outline approaches to delivery and assessment
  • Support you in planning staff development and continuing professional development (CPD)
  • Suggest further sources of guidance and support

Readiness Tool

The following part of the Readiness Tool has a chart that will help you to match particular staff to roles and responsibilities associated with functional skills provision:

  • Functional skills – roles and responsibilities of staff (page 100).