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Section 2. Self-check and action planning

Determining your priority development actions for functional skills

A useful step in determining your priority development actions for functional skills is to reflect on your organisation in terms your current provision and what you will need to do in order to implement new provision or improve the quality of your current provision. Following this reflection, you will need to make plans that cover staffing issues, resourcing and infrastructure.

Information in the Functional skills for adults: Preparing to coordinate and manage functional skills document is useful preparation for managers and curriculum leaders exploring the early stages of making the transition to functional skills provision.

The Readiness Tool is a downloadable questionnaire cross-referenced to the Post-16 Common Inspection Framework. It helps providers to rate aspects of their planning and delivery of functional skills. Your self-assessment helps you develop an improvement plan and identify what further development and support are needed to roll out functional skills successfully. It will help you to:

  • Evaluate the current position of functional skills provision in your centre;
  • Measure progress in the development of your centre’s readiness to deliver functional skills; and
  • Identify and prioritise the activities needed to develop functional skills provision in your centre.

This tool was developed for the Functional Skills Support Programme (FSSP), run by LSIS and brought to completion in 2010. While some of the content reflects particular FSSP activities, the tool contains a great deal of useful material and links that will support you to assess your current situation, shape your planning and focus on ways forward.

Some of these links and activities are described on the following pages:

Other self-assessments you may find useful

  • Functional skills for adults: Preparing to coordinate and manage functional skills, LSN, 2009: This booklet includes useful sections on action planning, approaches, assessing learners, continuing professional development (CPD) and quality assurance.
  • Foundation Learning action planner: This action planner, in online and paper-based formats, focuses on Foundation Learning but is a useful tool for including functional skills in planning for foundation learners. 
  • Literacy, language and numeracy organisational health check: The health check is a simple audit tool designed to help you assess the quality of your literacy, language and numeracy provision, and includes functional skills as well as Skills for Life, additional learning support and key skills.
  • Whole organisation approach to developing literacy and numeracy skills: This link shows guidance and a framework to support organisations at an early stage of developing a whole organisation approach. It can be used to plan a whole organisation approach to functional skills.

Other resources that may assist self-assessment