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Section 6a. Resources for flexible and blended learning

Resources for learners to access independently need to be:

  • clear and well presented;
  • relevant and engaging;
  • have very clear instructions;
  • be in appropriately small ‘chunks’ or ‘step by step’;
  • be at the appropriate level for the learner, including readability;
  • provide answers, feedback or self checking guidelines.

Access to resources

Materials can be made available to learners as:

  • paper-based ‘packs’ of materials, or ‘text books’;
  • signposting to materials that are accessible via an external website;
  • links to your own VLE (see below);
  • resources emailed to learners at agreed times or provided on memory sticks/CD-Roms;

Several websites offer free access to online and downloadable learning resources

Move On Learner Route
A free online route for learners covering L1 and L2 literacy and E3, L1 and 2 numeracy, a work skills route and money management resources. The route offers a quick skills check, practice tests with feedback, a learner route history, ‘problem-solving’ assignments, interactive hot topics, downloadable resources and much more.

Move On Teacher Route Stop 4A
Guidance for teachers on using the Learner Route and easy access to the downloadable resources. Log onto the Move On website for full access.

BBC Skillswise
Literacy and numeracy at E3 and L1. This link to the tutors’ home page gives information on everything available on the site.

‘The place where you can develop your skills for everyday life’. Raw money, Raw numbers, Raw computers and Raw words (story telling). There is also a Raw partners’ site.