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Section 1a. Background information for flexible delivery

What do we mean by flexible models of delivery?

Flexible delivery might include any of the following options:

  • weekend courses;
  • intensive courses e.g. a week-long programme;
  • taking the learning to the learners at a venue which suits them e.g. a community setting or workplace;
  • bite size sessions e.g. an hour before or after work or another course;
  • irregular patterns of attendance e.g. once a fortnight or month or whenever possible;
  • a blended learning approach which mixes face-to-face study with independent learning;
  • a self-study course with remote tutor support; and
  • an embedded approach where LLN skills are developed though another course.

The Embedding LNN Starter Kit has information and resources to support an embedded approach.

A blended learning element may be part of a flexible delivery model. This may include the use of ICT, but it is not an essential element.

What are the benefits of flexible learning?