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Flexible Models Starter Kit

About this starter kit

This starter kit provides support and guidance, information and resources for developing and delivering flexible models of delivery for literacy, language and numeracy (LLN) and applies equally to maths and English delivery. It includes the development of blended learning approaches.

The starter kit is aimed at providers who are new to English, maths and ESOL provision and providers who would like to review and further develop their flexible delivery of these subjects (referred to collectively as LLN) .

The kit provides answers to questions such as:

  • What do we mean by flexible models of delivery?
  • Why is it important to have flexible models of delivery?
  • Who should get involved and what resources are available to support staff development?

The Flexible Models of Delivery Starter Kit has eight sections. There is also a downloadable ‘Taking Stock’ questionnaire. Use this to review your provision and identify priorities and actions. You can begin with the Taking Stock questionnaire or go straight to the sections below to find information and resources. 

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Section 1: Background information for flexible delivery

What do we mean by ‘flexible models of delivery’? Why flexible delivery? What does it include? What are the benefits?

Section 2: Organising and managing flexible delivery

Funding, staffing, equipment and resources

Section 3: Models of delivery 

The range of models; matching models to needs

Section 4: Support for learners

Identifying appropriate learners, induction, tutor support, learner mentors and ‘buddies’

Section 5: Teaching and learning approaches for blended learning

Effective teaching and learning for blended learning – what will be different?

Section 6: Resources for blended and e-learning

Free national resources and provider products

Section 7: Staff development

Approaches and examples of staff development

Section 8: Flexible delivery in different contexts and settings

Case studies from a range of providers