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Section 5b. ESOL Teaching and Learning Resources

Key considerations to take into account when selecting teaching and learning resources for ESOL learners include:

  • Does the resource correspond to learners' interests, ambitions and life goals?
  • Does the resource correspond to the learners' level(s) and abilities?
  • Is the resource sufficiently challenging and interesting?
  • Is the cultural and social content of the resource familiar to the learner?
  • Is the resource accurate in terms of content?

The Adult ESOL Core Curriculum describes what should be taught in ESOL programmes and outlines the skills required to meet national standards.

The ESOL teaching and learning materials are an extensive bank of resources for ESOL tutors. 

Citizenship materials are another key resource for ESOL programmes. 

ESOL Materials for Migrant Workers are resources for working with migrant workers from Entry 1 – Level 1 in seven occupational sectors; Agriculture, Catering, Cleaning and Facilities Management, Construction, Health and Social Care, Manufacturing, and Transport and Aviation.

ESOL resources for use in diagnostic assessment and embedded learning are also available.

The Talent website has many ESOL teaching resources and is regularly updated.

ESOL UK offers ideas and resources for blended learning. 

Provider developed resources

Providers from different ESOL settings developed teaching and learning resources as part of the Skills for Life Support Programme in 2009-10. All the ESOL provider products are available as examples for other organisations to use or adapt.

HMP Dovegate 
This prison developed a PowerPoint to use with ESOL offenders to develop specific skills in using the prison ATM.

East London Skills for Life
This training provider developed resources, including tutor notes based on information around working in the EU.

Some positive learner comments about City of Bristol College’s tutorial programme developed for ESOL students.

helped me use an English-English dictionary which I have not used before.

makes it clear you have the same chances (in college).

(you can) go and use your language outside the classroom.

helps me living in this country.