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Section 5a. Teaching and Learning Approaches

ESOL teachers make use of a wide range of approaches to teaching and learning to respond to the needs of different learners and settings.

Planning your teaching and learning approaches will involve thinking about your learners':

  • ambitions and life goals
  • interests and values
  • social, cultural and educational background
  • current economic and social circumstances
  • past experience of learning English
  • current level in ESOL, including a 'spiky profile' where a learner has a
    different skill level in speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • level of literacy in English and in their first language
  • opportunities to use English outside the classroom.

The Adult ESOL Core Curriculum has advice and guidance sheets covering a wide range of teaching and learning approaches.
Making the most of the Adult ESOL Core Curriculum Advice and Guidance provides more information on the guidance sheets.

The Effective Teaching and Learning: ESOL research report describes a large scale project to identify effective Skills for Life teaching.

A review of current ESOL Researchreports on the ESOL learners' experiences of learning English in classroom settings.

Section 5b. ESOL Teaching and Learning Resources