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ESOL Starter Kit

About this starter kit

ESOL stands for ‘English for Speakers of Other Languages’ and was considered to be one of the 'Skills for Life' together with literacy and numeracy.  Although the Skills for Life programme itself no longer exists the advice contained here is still relevant to ESOL delivery today.

ESOL changes lives. Successfully learning to speak English in the UK offers access to employment, to further study, to social networks, and can be the crucial factor in enabling people to fulfil their ambitions and life goals.

This starter kit provides support and guidance, information and resources for developing and delivering ESOL. It includes the development of blended learning approaches.

The starter kit is aimed at providers who are new to ESOL and providers who would like to review and further develop their delivery of ESOL.

The kit provides answers to questions such as:

  • Why is ESOL important?
  • Who are the learners?
  • Who should get involved and what resources are available to support staff development?

The starter kit is organised into different sections. You can look at the sections in order or go straight to the ones that interest you most. The ESOL stock take helps you to identify which sections are most relevant to your organisation and which staff should look at each one. Some sections are for managers and curriculum planners. ESOLtutors may find the materials in sections 4 and 5 most relevant to them.

ESOL Stock Take. This helps you plan how to use the kit in your organisation