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Section 5. Roles, responsibilities and development needs

Responding to the different needs of learners

All teachers increasingly work with learners whose literacy, language, numeracy and ICT skills are below Level 2. Yet organisations and their learners are diverse. What is important is the result. Are learners acquiring sound LLN skills to help them achieve their vocational qualification in a holistic, integrated way? Additionally the staffing structures that providers put in place to support the embedding of LLN vary significantly, reflecting the type of organisation and starting point of the provider.

(from ‘Improving Learner Success by Embedding LLN’ 2008)

Learners' difficulties in these areas can be a barrier to achievement of their goals… all teachers therefore need to develop a heightened awareness of the literacy, language, numeracy and ICT needs of their learners in order to teach their area of specialism as effectively as possible.

(Extract from Inclusive learning approaches for literacy, language, numeracy and ICT Companion guide to the minimum core, LLUK, November 2007)

How do you plan your provision to meet learners’ needs and maximise your own organisational potential?

What CPD materials are available to support your organisation with embedding?

How do you plan ongoing Professional Development for your organisation and your staff?