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Section 4. Resources to support embedding

Materials to support organisations and individuals

National materials are available to support organisations and individuals in developing their embedded LLN delivery. As it can be challenging to find and make the most of these resources, this section aims to guide you in making the most of four key resources:

  • the online curriculum, contains resources in the embedded skills section that are for vocational teachers, teachers of other non-LLN programmes and learning support practitioners, working collaboratively with literacy, language and numeracy teachers the
  • the embedded learning portal, which includes embedded learning materials covering 28 vocational, employability, health and community contexts
  • the Excellence Gateway repository, which provides resources that offer a direct approach to promotion, engagement and delivery. They highlight opportunity for all learners rather than need for some. The resources describe the benefits that learning and qualifications can bring, and encourage people to believe that they can progress.
  • the Health Check resource matrix which provides descriptions of, and links to, the most relevant and up-to-date resources available to support embedded, flexible and responsive provision. Each resource is identified in relation to the Health Check quality statements.

What resources are available to support embedded delivery? This document provides links and information on using all these resources.