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Dyslexia starter kit: Assessment resources

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You can find an overview and links to useful assessment resources on this page. Also see Section 5: Assessment for guidance and other information about all stages of assessment.

Dyslexia diagnostic assessment materials

The Dyslexia diagnostic assessment materials are intended to investigate specific difficulties experienced in literacy by learners who may be dyslexic. It is not an assessment for dyslexia. There are tools for assessing reading and writing skills through:

  • Phonological skills
  • A copying task
  • A dictation task
  • Assessments of free writing, spelling and handwriting.

The Dyslexia diagnostic assessment materials are suitable for learners from Entry 1 to Level 2. The outcome of assessment is used to determine or amplify the learner’s learning programme.

Literacy diagnostic assessment materials

The Literacy diagnostic assessment materials are designed to assess all elements of the adult literacy core curriculum: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Also included are the following tools that are helpful when assessing learners with dyslexia:

  • Assessments of free writing
  • Spelling error analysis
  • Assessment of hand-writing

Access for All materials

The Access for All are available to download. They are also offered in the context of the core curriculum.

The Access for All materials contain many examples of tasks that may be used for formative assessment of skills, useful for use with dyslexic learners.

Framework for Understanding Dyslexia

The Framework for Understanding Dyslexia contains an overview of specialist approaches that can be used to identify and support dyslexic learners. Designed for non-specialist teachers working in post-16 education or training. The Framework may inform the development of an indiviidual learning plan (ILP).