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CPD Starter Kit

About this starter kit


Why CPD?

Continuing professional development (CPD) is an essential element of teacher development. Although each full time teacher is no longer required to record at least 30 hours of training annually in line with their personal professional development goals and the requirements of the organisation for which they work this should still be an aspiration. This Starter Kit links you with key CPD packages produced through the Skills for Life Support Programme and previous programmes. There are links to other training resources developed as part of the Skills for Life national strategy including Skills for Families and Move On.  All of these can be found in the new Excellence Gateway.

The CPD Starter Kit resources

A CPD Catalogue provides you with details of the training sessions along with the target audience and an overview of the content. The kit will help you to select and adapt CPD modules to support your organisation in working towards a whole organisation approach to developing staff and learner skills in English (literacy and ESOL) and maths (numeracy). For details of resources to support the whole organisation approach, see also the WOA Framework.

Who are the resources for?

They are intended for use by curriculum, quality and other managers and subject lead teachers, including those responsible for planning their organisation’s in-house CPD programmes. The target group of staff for each module is listed in the catalogue and includes the wider workforce involved in English (literacy and ESOL) and maths (numeracy) skills development. These include non-teaching staff such as those giving advice and guidance, teachers of vocational subjects and specialist teachers along with managers and business development teams.

Their uses

These CPD resources are intended for use alongside the whole organisation approach (WOA) Health Check, which enables you to assess and action plan your organisation’s progress towards a WOA to literacy, language and numeracy. Information is provided on supporting and monitoring reflective professional development for all teaching staff using the Institute for Learning reflective planning process.