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Content Creation

A wide range of assistive technologies existThe use of digital media can materially assist those who have communication difficulties, particularly where they find difficulty responding orally.

If responses are required via a digital medium then a variety of input methods can be used to produce comparable outputs and can put those with communication difficulties on a more even playing field.

Difficulties will arise where differences in abilities to communicate are significant, in these circumstances it is often best to standardise on the simplest method.

In group situations, it is important to lead by example and to always allow poor communicators the time they need to respond. Other learners often find this difficult and can be impatient, but the benefits of practising studious fairness in the accepting responses will pay long term dividends.

Responses and communication that can be channelled via some indirect means like emails, text messaging or voting will allow slow communicators’ responses to be judged alongside their peers.

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