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Content Creation

A wide range of assistive technologies existLearners who have difficulty concentrating need to have the size of the learning steps that they take reduced to suit what they can achieve. Persistent failure to achieve understanding because of losing concentration will build up resistance to learning and compound the difficulty.

As well as being short, learning objects should be tailored to suit the everyday experience of the learner rather than being couched in abstract terms. Using the whole range of sensory experience to deliver information to learners helps them to understand; hence sounds, podcasts, recordings, videos and interactive opportunities will enhance the chance of success.

Multimedia resources can offer real benefits in attracting attention, but care should be taken to avoid overloading the learner’s senses which can lead to confusion.

Using one option at a time without distraction will help to focus attention. Small successes should be celebrated; they build the confidence of the learner to try and to believe they can succeed.

The following advice and guidance sheets can provide detailed information on using resources with learners: